A phrase that succeeds in promptly ending the flow of conversation,making it awkward for everyone in the near vicinity.
Jerome: hey! hows it going man, whats new?
Stuart: My mums dead.
Random onlooker: woh, J.A. mo
by ginblo May 04, 2009
nigerian word to refer to jamaicans
feranmi: yo jamo what are u doing tonyt.
Biancia: man ima smoke some weed..waguan
by lloyd bond September 28, 2010
To congratulate yourself excessively over any success or feat, no matter how small or insignificant.
Bro, I just scored 83 points with Rasheed Wallace in NBA Showtime for N64. COME AT ME.

Bro, don't jamo yourself.
by Jefferson Rin November 02, 2011
A tiny sub-species of the human race who are small in size due to no fault of his/her own. Often found in and around caves within the Bingham area of Nottinghamshire. They are usually between 2 feet and 4 feet tall and have shit curly hair. Often extravagant and sassy individuals. It is a common known fact that Jamo's are never seen without coats, backpacks and shoes even during activities such as sleeping and showering. Jamo's in the wild are attracted to Cherubs, a winged angelic being, with which sexual activities are often exchanged. Common hobbies and pastimes include dress up games, fashion and singing. Are known to be active members of the Bingham Barmy Army (BBA).
And, here, we can observe, the elusive Jamo, in his natural habitat, the shithole that is Bingham!
by TheSassyDiva January 08, 2014
It began as a corporation name. Now, with the corporation defunct, many years later in the entertainment industry it is shorthand for being 'judged' unfairly or if someone is using scare tactics to make you do things. It has now, with time, become a verb.
"Hey Meyer, did you see you were stricken from the list of people being considered for this job?"
"NO! I had no idea!"
"You have been J.A.M.O.ed. You better look into that and find out what they need you to do to belong in the inner circle of those being considered for the job!"
by SchoolYardConspiratoryTheorist February 18, 2013
The relaxed version of the name James. Could be seen as an alternative to Jamie.
Not too common in the workplace, generally used in a casual environment.
Doug: Jamo, what your plans for the night?

Jamo: Ah, you know, same old eh boy! Lets gooi!
by Irie guy April 29, 2011
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