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Made famous over 5 seasons of The Wire on HBO, Jimmy McNulty came up under Major Colvin in the Western District earning the nickname 'bushy top' and a reputation as one of the best but most rogue detectives in Baltimore. Later he joined the Homicide Unit and quickly ruffled the feathers of Major Rawls and despite quality 'police work' bounced around with multiple units. Over the course of the show McNulty enjoys many shots with friend and fellow 'murder police' Bunk Moreland and tackles different drug targets throughout the city. Outside of the job McNulty has an ex-wife, two sons, a pension to talk out of turn, an anti-authority attitude, less than modest living quarters and an admiration for the greeks. A legendary television character.
Jimmy McNulty you are a piece of work.
by Donovan McRix March 02, 2011
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