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3 definitions by Bophadeez

Jameson Irish Whiskey
I'll take a double Jamo - neat.
by Bophadeez December 07, 2010
'the fuck' as in the last two letters of wtf
whotf is this asshole?

whytf did that kid just do that?

wheretf do you think you're going?

whentf did this asshole get here?

howtf did that shit just go down?

by Bophadeez May 24, 2010

1. Chopping down mad trees
2. Burning down mad trees
1. The evil corporation is hugely responsible for deforestation projects in South America... Boooo!
2. After I finished my last exam I took part in a sizable deforestation project... Blaaazed.
by Bophadeez April 27, 2010