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jagged is a term used whenever you fucked something up.
amanda spills weed.
tarrin says "man you just jagged!"


dillon spills beer.
tarrin says "dude you jagged!"
by amandascoberly August 31, 2008
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Really lame or gay. Could be a situation you're in. Word originates from looking at the bottom of a reebok shoe seeing a jagged sole- this is seen as very homosexual.
John: I really wanna do something today and get out of school...
Marcus: yeah man i agree this school has been so jagged recently.

Example 2

Bob: That girl over there is so hot, you reckon i should go in for it?
Dave: Yeah shes hot but i spoke to her earlier and she was well jagged, i reckon shes a proper nerd.
by therealurbandictionary July 18, 2009
Awkward, uncomfortable. Long silence.

That moment when you're not sure what to do...
Trying to make small talk to a stranger. the situation is jagged
Falling asleep on the person next to you on the plane. The situation is jagged

Basically, you can use this word as a substitute for anytime that you would normally use the word awkward.
by Penguins202 July 29, 2013
(pronounced as the past tense of jag, not jag-ged)
Past the point of drunkenness; inhebriated.
Ho brah I was soooo jagged last night!
by iriesyren May 10, 2005
When someone has been physically controlled overwhelmingly. Coming from the German American football star Jag Bal. It may pertain to a slap, a punch, or a push.
Man: (caught cheating by wife)
wife: (yells) YOU ASSHOLE!(slapps husband knocking him to the floor)
mistress: youve just been Jagged!
by ladyluckisonmyside February 10, 2010
Rivethead slang for anything cool especially something related to rivet fashion, music or body mods.
Johnner: Dude did you see the commando boots that dude was wearing.

Lex: Yeah, they were Jagged.
by Nanoforge March 06, 2011
Awesomely cool; above and beyond cool.
Man did you see that move? It was jagged!
by Cary March 11, 2004

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