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May as well be the daughter of Chuck Norris.
She always wins in a fight, and could practically throw you 30 meters if she tried.

No one wants to get on her bad side, those crystal blue eyes aren't always so appealing when they're mad at you.

She is very short tempered but loyal if you do the right thing by her.
Jodie; I heard Beth wants to fight Jade
Lexi; IS SHE CRAZY! I heard last week Jade threw James off the third story balcony! She'll get herself killed!

Jodie; Shh, here comes mini Norris now!
by AlexMicky December 31, 2012
Sometimes shortened to 'Rangaasaurous', and commonly a female, this ginger really is as fiery as her hair! She can be a great friend, always fun to talk to, but as soon as you get on her bad side the claws come out! Those perfectly manicured hands can get down to some real nasty business, so avoid conflict with ranga's nicknamed this!

As the nickname is only given to 'tomboy' gingers, I wouldn't be surprised if she throws the first punch in any fight!

After being nicknames a "Rangaasaurous-T-Rex", it is likely that this person will start to go around saying "Rawr, I'm a dinosaur" and other such sayings.
Mick: "Did you hear Kari got into a fight with Mark in shop? I heard she threw the monkey wrench at his face!"
Lyss: "Yeah, didn't you know? She's the new Rangaasaurous-T-Rex in town! You should have figured that out when she was the only girl to actually take shop!"

Mick: "Well, I know I ain't going to go mess with that Rangaasaurous any time soon!"
by AlexMicky January 07, 2013

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