Jade is the guitar player of AFI (best band in the universe), and believe me can he play. Listening to him is amazing, but watching him is even more amazing- Jade is also very beautiful. Gorgeous and amazing- you'll never look at a man the same way again.
Part of the Straight Edge movement, looks great in pink, and has established the primitive yearning of "must... touch... beautiful... sideburns" in many people. Or maybe that's just me... whatever, Jade outstrips any word in the human vocabulary, he's that God-awfully wonderful. Beautiful. Sexy and the like.
by vinnysothershoe December 30, 2003
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1. Guitarist for the band AFI.
2. Amazing guitarist.
3. Awesome hair.
The way Jade Puget moves on stage is mesmerizing.
by hysteriapara August 10, 2003
Insanely hot guitarist for the Best Band On This Worthless Fucking Earth (AFI). Has hella rad hair and awesome fashion sense. His playing is truly, truly beyond, and he has a kick-ass singing voice. (Listen to Story at Three on the Art of Drowning CD). Next to Daveyvocals, the most important member of AFI. Probably (no offense to Davey) the best songwriter in the band. Also has the most fucking radly super awsome sense of humor. Gets blown up with Adamdrums and Hunterbass on a bridge in Prauge in the Silver and Cold video while they were rushing to try and stop Davey from killing himself. Also the whole Girl's Not Grey video takes place in a magical pink-tinged land in his crotch, and he executes some gravity-defying stage moves in The Leaving Song Part 2. Many people (including I) would gladly sacrifice their lives and give him a heart translant or something if he needed it. Probably prevented a few people from killing themselves. Should be elected president.
"Hackey bag foot sack always confused me, I could never figure out what the score was or who was winning so I'd always get mad and end up kicking it into the lake." -Jade

"Jeebus! Those are great things to receive! I'd be freakin' stoked to get a lovely juice box! Try getting a walnut. I got a damn walnut once and it sucked. Ans I said, "Hey, this damn wlanut totally sucks."-Jade

" I remember Adam AFI Drummer gave me this crappy peice of binder paper with a list of all these songs for me to learn and some has checks by them, some had stars and some were underlined but I already knew how to play them so I threw that damn crappy crap-ass peice of dumb binder paper in the damn garbage."-Jade
Born: November 28, 1973 that makes him a Sagittarius.

He has played with the bands Loose Change and more famously Redemption 87. He is currently in AFI, which he joined in 1999, just in time to record Black Sails in the Sunset with the band.
-straightedge and vegan
-make-up fanatic, his favorite being L'Oreal's liquid eyeliner
-funny as hell
-spontaneous, random humor
-loves the fans more than anything else
-has some tattoos
*has the word "committed" written across his stomach
*iron cross he got as a teenager on his arm
*a few knots
*the number 13, which is rumored to have been changed to an 18
-likes old video games
-tends to be more in tune with his Atari than his computer
-opinionated about other bands
-says whatever is on his mind with no remorse
-honest, odd character
1) Jade plays a mean guitar.
2) Jade is "trouble, baby, trouble".
by Fatemeh Bagheri April 22, 2004
Plays AMAZING guitar for AFI along with bandmates such as Davey Havok. Pulls off pink ties quite nicely, and is absolutely beautiful. If I were a teenybopper he would be 'hot'.
Man, can Jade Puget ever rock that guitar!
by Erica March 17, 2004
You're all teeny-boppers. He isn't Hott, or Cute, or whatever else you may have the urge to call him. He's gorgeous and beautiful. He's also the only real man that can pull off a pink tie. Well, any pink, for that matter.
The besterest guitarist alive!
by PretentiousLies August 29, 2003
the foxiest guitarist alive... no one can rock a pink tie like he can.
jade rocks my socks
by Stephanie August 05, 2003
Jade Puget is the guitarist for the band A.F.I . He and Davey write most of the songs . Jade Puget was the backup vocals in very Proud Of Ya but has only been the guitarist since Black Sails In the Sunset . He also played with A.F.I in their "first" album Dork,with his band, loose change .
Oh and you must know that A.F.I. Is the best ever .
Jade Puget is just a grand Guitarist for super dee sure .
by Lorax aka Dark Child February 05, 2004
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