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The most beautiful human being to ever grace this earth. His talent is unmeasurable and his beauty insurpassable. Guitarist for AFI, one of the best and most hard-working bands around. see also Ninja
Jade Puget likes soy milk.
by ChixDiggit October 25, 2003
28 11
th hottest sexiest man with the greatest voice on this destroyed planet!
i love h
by marta July 31, 2003
28 11
a super sexy guy who should always wear thin leather pants and is the best guitarist in this sad sad world
i love jade
by deadly blonde May 31, 2003
27 10
Perfection... the only word that can describe this amazing human-being. He is everything and without him there would be nothing else. He is Perfection. Yay, for The Jade!
by Ange de Agonie September 16, 2003
33 19
one of the best guitarists around, in the best band ever AFI. always has to have that one great pink accessory. has interesting but extremely cool hair, kinda reminds me of gumbi. id say that he's hot, but ppl who say that kinda sound like teenieboppers and poseurs, even though he is hot. but ill admire his talent instead.
jade is the smartest guy in the world.
by kristen August 06, 2003
28 16
Amazingly good looking and extremely talented member of AFI
Jade Puget is a very talented man.
by Heidi G November 20, 2006
13 4
he is sooo amazing, best guitarist, sexiest man i've ever seen, I LOVE HIM!
and davey too because hes a beautiful and amazing musician. Their both hott ooooohhhhh JADE DO ME NOW
HOT HOT HOT HOT beautiful sexy sexy man... great guitarist too..
by el.t February 05, 2004
25 19