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An Attraction for someone; you're feigning for them in every way...physical and mental
I got a love jones for her body and her skin tone
by Simone May 06, 2005
Hottest guy in pink ever!!!!
Pink ties for everyone.
by Simone February 02, 2004
A wanna be ganster
Tony think he hard, he wanster
by Simone November 01, 2003
to be had for next to nothing; common enough to be worthless
Bad teachers are a dime a dozen in most high schools in Los Angeles.
by simone October 23, 2003
A really derogatory word for an idiot or stupid person male or female.
Can be used without it sounding offensive.
Some "boutan" locked their keys in their car!
by Simone December 01, 2004
another word for bein eatin out
Have u ever been frosted????
by Simone February 16, 2004
to have sex
After Eric left the club he was ready to slap
by Simone November 01, 2003
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