guitarist and background vocals for AFI, as well as the sexiest man in pink i've ever seen.
Jade Puget is beautiful.
by Reiann August 05, 2003
1)Most fantastic guitaist ever
2)Member of AFI
3)Looks wonderful in Pink
by Lani September 25, 2003
The guitar player and background vocals for AFI.. And the sexiest man alive...
by me! May 02, 2003
Jade he is the sexiest man to ever walk the face of earth. He is lead guitarist for AFI(a fire inside). He is amazing to watch him on stage playing his guitar. I often find my self gazing among pictures of him for hours.
"Davey does not watch the damn road when he's driving. Like, if we ever get into a crash he will be perfectly fine and I'll be imbeded in a tree. It's ok though cuz when i come back I'll come back as a squirrel and run up his pant leg"~Jade
by Jessica February 05, 2004
Beautiful guitar-playing ninja.
"Ninjas are TOTALLY SWEET, what with all the guitar solos and flipping out and totally chopping peoples' heads off." -Jade
by Dana January 17, 2004
1) Perfect
2) beautiful
3) Best Guitarist
4) original
5) sent from heaven
i *heart* jade...hes the only guy i wanna see in pink!
by Cait October 03, 2003
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