Hott. Sweet. Funny. Extremely talented guirtarist and vocalist.
by Jessica August 19, 2003
the beautiful guitar player for the unique band afi. can rock a super skunk mullet and the color pink which is pretty close to being god. we love the jade and all of his ninjaness perfection.
Q: who is the best guitar player with the coolest stage moves?
A: Jade Puget of course!
by ????child December 29, 2003
hot pink tie-wearing awesome guitarist.
and very funny person
jade can dance. very good. :)
by Anonymous August 16, 2003
A kick ass guitar player from the goth-punk band A.F.I. The homeboy gots mad skillz on the six-string.
Person 1: d00d who's ur fav g33taris?
Me: Dude, that'd be Jade Puget. He rocks that Les Paul all day.
by punkgtrst096 March 22, 2005
Jade is an amazing guitarist not to mention great vocalist and he is also the most original seXXXY artist around..his live proformance is orgasmic hes wonderful and he'll always have a place in my heat along with Davey, Hunter, and, Adam...THROUGH OUR BLEEDING WE ARE ONE!!!! AFI WILL ALWAYS KICK ASS JUST DEAL WITH IT....
by Amanda August 29, 2003
jade is my hero he can play that damn guitar like no one else and he has awsome hair
he is my hero
by STEVEN LEE August 30, 2003
Guitartist for AFI, the greatest band EVER.
Jade Puget is an incredible guitarist, a great songwriter (wrote a small part of Sing The Sorrow), has a really random sense of humour and is one of the sexiest men alive!!
Praise the Jade
by SiobhanG January 11, 2004
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