The best guitarist in the world. He looks awesome in pink. Not many punks can wear pink and still look hot. But i don't think i've ever seen him make any color look bad.
My other role model. (mu other one is Davey)
by Sara loves Jonathan January 21, 2004
Jade Puget is one of my favorite people, he is so talented. I wish i could even remotely play like he does. But yeah right! He's a guitar god!
Jade is beautiful!!
by dingusguitarchic07 April 07, 2004
Quite simply, in his own words, rolls tight like a perm.
"hey jade. still rolling tight like a perm?"
"When I'm not holding shit down tight like a hairnet!!"
by *Pookie* May 03, 2005
I, myself, have been a fan of A.F.I. ever since "Very proud of ya". I'm very glad Jade Puget has been brought into the band, right before Black Sails in the Sunset.

Jade's a wonderful guitarist, and a great completion to the band, including Adam Carson (Drums), Hunter Burgan (Bass), and Davey Havok (Vocals).

Jade is an incredibly beautiful man, who's great looking no matter what. All you people who call him hott, or cute, well great for you. He is also vegan, and straight-edge. (Does not smoke, do drugs, or drink.)
A.F.I. (A Fire Inside, not AFEE) consists of:
Adam Carson: Drums
Davey Havok: Vocals
Hunter Burgan: Bass
Jade Puget: Guitar
by Dakota Rivero September 16, 2005
he is a sexy pink tie wearing man who can play the guitar like no other on this god forsaking world of misery!
Jade.... you are PERFECTION!
by The Damned April 14, 2004
He's my hella rad sexy goddamn pink wearing ninja!!! Oh and he's a DAMN good guitarist in the best goddamn band ever--AFI!
Jade is my hella rad sexy pink wearing ninja!!
by -_- March 19, 2004
they ONLY guy in this sad world that can pull off wearin pink and still looks EXTREMELY hott!!!
Ninjas have the Ultimate Power! He IS the Super Flying Turbo Ninja!
by Super Flying Turbo Pirate Ninja January 25, 2004

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