The cookie monster of rap.he tries to sing but cant cause he sucked so much dick he screwwed up his voice
by Sam October 17, 2004
a bitch who is hated for coping 2pac and dmx all the time, even gets shot in a car in 1 of his filmclips just like what happened to 2pac, he would possabily be liked again if he turned back to his original self.
Ja Rule picked a fight with in a club about 10 years ago and then got his friends to shoot and stab him cos he didnt have the guts to do it, fuckin pussy
by B-Mount February 17, 2004
Hardcore Rapper from the Eastcoast who is constantly getting dissed by Tony Mayo, Lil Boy Banks, and 50 Wimp.

It backed up by Shyne, Styles P, Jadakiss, Jaehood, Fat Joe, Nas, Irv Gotti, Jay Z, Ashanti, Dru Hill, Black Child, G-Unit Killaz, Caddillac Tah, Scarface, Method Man & Red Men, and some of Def Jam's finest.
Jeffery Atkin rules....
by Orlando May 21, 2005
the gayest rapper ever. thinks he can fuck wit g-unit but doesnt kno wat hes gettin his punk ass into.

now ja what u need to do is get ur gun rite, go in the back and clap urself
m-yo did you get that new ja rule cd cum in my eye
e-yeh man cum in my eye is off the shizzle my nizzle fo rizzle
by atrocious December 13, 2003
The best damn rapper around. He can own 50 Cent to pieces in a matter of seconds. 50 Cent can't sing and is the next Rebecca Black. Ja Rule can out-rap 50 Cent any day of the year, and that's just a cold hard fact. Ja Rule is the king of hip-hop and he is God.
Yo, I heard 50 Cent's new song, "Outlaw." It would be so much better if Ja Rule was in it.
by your email cant be blank yo June 23, 2011
rapper who put out some r&b songs, with ashanti,jeniifer loopez and that other girls, consider him fake or not you should take into consideration that all commercial rappers are in fact fake. with an exception of only a few, maybe 1 or 2.

used to rap with jay z.
has a highly publicized beef with 50 cent. another commercial rapper (see above)
ja rule hasn't put anything out in years.

ashanta got vocals kid.

by JustaSomebody July 19, 2006
Ja Rule is nothing but a poser. In the early 2000's he tried to be like 50 Cent and Tupac but failed. He is nothing without Ashanti and is only Irv Gotti's little puppet. He's gone now, probably dead.
Me in 2000: Yo Ja Rule is SOO fucking gay!

Me today: Where the hell is Ja Rule? Oh right he hanged himself shame
by DizzyLizzy June 19, 2006

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