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ja rule is a pussy he cnt fight against 50 hes 2 weak he mite aswell n go bk were he came from fake ass rapper
in 1 of his songs he sed summin like he nows how 2 b a pimp or summin like tht how can he b a pimp if hes married stupid rat
fake ass rapper only made it cuz hes always singin wiv ashanti how eva u spell her name
by white biatch April 17, 2005
a rapper who like DMX swallowed a box of tacks
"Hey look at Ja Rule, he sucks."
by mike January 05, 2005
Ja rule is a dumb boner
whatz up rahul
by boobs July 20, 2003
Ja Ruel i$teh sh1t d00d!111111 h3 s0 getto!11 bestiest ropperr eveirrr!11112232452502

HAHA, yeah right...

He's a whack ass, monkey looking pop singer. 'Nuff said..
by Anonymous July 18, 2003
a looser
eugh look at that guy, hes such a ja rule
by hellomoto July 12, 2003
ya'll are all little fucking pussies who go and post things on the internet about people u don;t even know becuase u are insecure and realize that u aren't ever going to be anyone so u suck 50 cents dick becuase u and him make fun of ja together and 50 cent probably got the GAME to shoot him and 50 shot the GAME
i don't like Ja rule but i can say shut the fuck up about him
faggot#1 he man ja is gay
person#1 fuck u dude u don't even know him
by anonymous April 05, 2005
Cock Bitch, Punk Faggot
Anything that has a big mouth that is only satisfied with a cock in it.
by Geoffrey Atkins February 24, 2005