wanksta. Fake ass gangsta that aint popped shit, that aint shit to no one. ggggggggg- G UNIT!!!!!!!!!!!
URV, BLACK CHILD, TAH. bUT NOT U ashanti, u no how i feel about u baby
A faggot who thinks he is cool and can only have certain rappers on his album like...and that girl whos songs always consist of "aww baby" "ooo baby"
ja rule is a faggot.
by chief chink September 02, 2003
to be deluded into speaking out one's own fantasies , believing that repetionous use will bring about fact....
by slap a n***a.com July 23, 2003
a wack ass rapper who has to turn his back on a album shoot to get more records

Ja Rule = shit/insult

"you look like Ja Rule"
by j0r93 November 05, 2005
Dumb Fuck, cock sucker, faggiot, thinks he's all that.... mother fucker...... hated by eminem....
President Bush is a Ja Rule
by V April 23, 2005
gay, retarded, stupid
he cant sing/rap/whatever else he tries worth shit.
by viyda March 07, 2005
ja rule is a ugly fucky rapper that needs 2 stop tryin 2 diss em and 50 and just learn that no one likes him and needs 2 stop tryin 2 act all hood with his retarded murda inc and his little gay source mag.
who is the stupidest rapper ever? ja rule. yah u win
by me February 18, 2005

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