To be or have something that is not quite fully gay but soft gay.
Ha ha look at that gay bar, oh wait their just metrosexuals, it's a jä bar.
by Being jä all däy December 14, 2009
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~Ja - (pronounced like yháh).

Often used by Parman as an answer to everyday questions and situations.
Person 1: Hey, how are you?
Parman: Ja
Person 2: JA
Person 3: Ja bedankt (look up for definition!)
Parman: lol
Person 4: Thank you well
BOB: Heftuúg (look up for definition!)
by myfriendsaredead June 02, 2010
1. German for Yes.

2. Polish for I.

3. Jamaican for God.

4. Short for Ja Rule.
1. Ja, I want to dance with the dance god.

2. Yes, Ja want to dance with the dance god.

3. Yes, I want to dance with the dance ja.

4. Ja, ja think Ja is ja.
by Mr. Hams March 15, 2005
Acronym for Jack Ass
Bob: Wow, he is such an ass.
Shelly: Yeah, a real J.A.
by lover2332 December 08, 2008
a much much cooler way to say "yeah" or "yes"
Dude 1: hey dude, wanna go to carls jr. after school?

Dude 2: ja!

by Annonymous Sac October 15, 2008
German word for "yes."
Can you speak German?
by BlastMaster June 19, 2003
a person who watches excessive anime porn while masturbating in a bowl of Ramen noodles
Dude, stop being a J.A. and take your dick out of your soup.
by atypes1314 October 29, 2007

(From German, Afrikaans, and other Germanic languages.) Used in South Africa by many races and classes, and amongst upper class kids in England.
"Do you wanna play cards?"
"Ja, okay, what should we play?"
by Xaviana December 01, 2003

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