the most adorkable person ever
"Do you want to meet Ja?" "I think you do."
by the one and only Ja November 13, 2005
A person from Jamaica. (Pronounced jay-ay, not jah which means god)
Dat person der be strait JA.
by Sullivan August 15, 2005
Rastafarian word for God
"Hey man respect ja"
by heRetic March 05, 2005
Polish word meaning "I".
A: Ja nie mam nic.

(A: I have nothing.)
by MattPorsche February 12, 2005
Jamaican for God.
Watch 'em fall in this spiritual Ja fight. -Downset
by Spanks February 08, 2004
Abbreviation for Jamaica
"... the dutty rock in kingston JA"
by claudio14 January 03, 2004
Short for juicy ass. A female can have the nickname of "Ja".
That girl sure has a nice booty. "What up Ja!"
by Cathy Mae February 03, 2010
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