it is used in mainly the DC and Maryland area. means kinda/kinda sorta and it is used when u are refering to something or someone. After it is used the word "like" usually follows.
1.)"Aye son yo kicks are ja like busted."
2.)"It is ja like hot outside."
3.)"Yo moms is ja like real ugly!"
by honeydew April 11, 2006
legendary figurehead of the German Dada neo-post modern artistic duo Jä and Mikalí
I find his work speaks to the mindfuck of the Human elemental condition much in the way Jä killed a man with his artistic talent
by MAJ1 March 06, 2008
a pre-fix used along with the word "like" in place of the pharse "kind of" (genrally used in the DC metropolitan area)
"It's ja-like cold outside"
"It's ja-like past by bedtime"
by LaMez March 29, 2005
Rastafarian word for God
"Hey man respect ja"
by heRetic March 05, 2005
Abbreviation for Jamaica
"... the dutty rock in kingston JA"
by claudio14 January 03, 2004
Short for juicy ass. A female can have the nickname of "Ja".
That girl sure has a nice booty. "What up Ja!"
by Cathy Mae February 03, 2010
generally means just asking...
commonly used on AIM, ichat, or any other messenger...
how old r u?
by heyheywilson!! April 28, 2009

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