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Shiny, tiny little birds that occasionally hurl themselves into garages and die for some reason. They exist entirely on sugar and drink about half thier weight every day-jesus Christ, no wonder they're so hyper.
Look! It's a hummingbird!



You missed it!

by Laser Potato August 21, 2004
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a very skilled oral sex technique preformed by Naomi (that's i moan backwards) on Belinda (or vis versa) at super sex in Montreal. The tounge vibrates on the clit at a extreme speed, as if it were the wings on a humming bird.
"Boys watch this, this is called the humming-bird."
"Holy shit how do you get your tounge to go that fast, i got to practice that."
by clover April 08, 2003
A deep rim job where the tounge is inserted far into the recipients ass hole
Jim couldn't wait for Tom to give his quivering asshole a hummingbird.
by Chaunpop November 05, 2011
Female Wit Smelly Vagina
Tell Dat Yamp Get The Summers Eve

Heard His Girl Is A Hummingbird Hes A Chicken Of The Sea Baii
by Leron aka Smooth aka Du$t August 28, 2011
A chick (or "bird" as they say in UK) who loves to give humming blowjobs, flying around from feeder to feeder, sucking away!
Oh my God! Melissa is the BEST hummingbird I have ever met!
by Sex ED July 28, 2006
A little bird that doesn't know the importance of its species. Sure, it might be the unsung hero compared to the bee, but its elegance and intelligence inspires many.
The hummingbird flit from one flower to the next, pollinating flowers, exuding beauty and gracefulness.
by Rae Tae December 11, 2014
(noun) -huhm-ing-burd

A very small nectar-sipping New World bird of the family Trochilidae, characterized by the brilliant, iridescent plumage of the male, a slender bill, and narrow wings, the extremely rapid beating of which produces a humming sound: noted for their ability to hover and to fly upward, downward, and backward in a horizontal position.

(noun) -huhm-ing-burd

A name given to a woman who represents grace and beauty. In likeness to the hummingbird, the world becomes more picturesque and aesthetic when she is in sight. Her existence surpasses poetry and cannot be constrained to just words alone, just as a hummingbird's wings cannot be captured with sight alone. Life's most precious things cannot be fully comprehended by the senses but only felt in the heart. A hummingbird (human female) will often bear the tattooed figure of a hummingbird (small nectar-sipping bird) on her ribcage. It is very rare that you should find such a woman, but if done; make her your best friend.
There are no words to describe the friendship of a hummingbird, you only feel gratitude and thankfulness.
by Dowdy Cardinal September 19, 2013
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