Short For "Johnny The Homicidal Maniac". An awesome comic that was created by Jhonen Vasquez the creator of Invader Zim.
Read JTHM I command you!
by Jacob January 30, 2005
An acronym for the comic 'Johnny The Homocidal Maniac'
"Have you read the latest JTHM comic?"
by Caitie May 05, 2003
The woderfuly violent johnny from the mind of the cult god Jhonen Vasquez kills assholes to paint their blood on the wall of his basement so that a nasty (not moose*) monster cannot escape. when the monster escapes it destroys all the universe. then nny goes to heaven and hell, meets god and the devil (senor Satan) and goes back to a new earth. he then goes on a trip o become a emotionless being like Mr. Samsa
burrito tastes kick ass
by jb September 03, 2004
Johnny the Homicidal Maniac
Johnny - a man who kills people for his own reason.
Homicidal - murderous. Pretty much wanting to kill people.
Maniac - ...Johnny. Yep.
Johnny The Homicidal Maniac
by Mitch November 23, 2003
He is God. Worship his yummy brilliance. For I do. I SAID WORSHIP DAMN YOU.
Jhonen Vasquez is a sexy man beast.
-Lurve- I die.
by Moni July 09, 2004
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