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5 definitions by Caitie

An acronym for the comic 'Johnny The Homocidal Maniac'
"Have you read the latest JTHM comic?"
by Caitie May 05, 2003
219 28
she's made of iron. she carries a strong appearance, yet inside something delicate is contained, longing to get out. she longs to be loved.
that's caitie. too bad you're beautiful.
by Caitie April 07, 2005
208 77
1. measurement of anything quick or short. 2. half of a "take five", to return quickly.
1. She drove so fast she got here in like 2.5! 2. I'll be back in 2.5, you won't even notice I'm gone.
by Caitie March 05, 2004
13 6
a word that means something like who what where when why? i hav noo idea wat ur on about explain plz
dude: oh did u hear about carrie and tom hookin up?
other dude: hoobadawatnow ?!?!?!
by caitie April 13, 2005
1 5
you pee hole....both male and felmale have them....unless u dont pee
my anis is bleeding
by caitie May 22, 2004
19 122