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the juggalo rydas BITCH
Every moutha fucko who reps the hachetman
by JD April 17, 2005
James River Bus
-An exclamation used by soldiers stationed on Ordnance Island to raise morale. Associated with going on home leave
"Block leave is coming up, hooah."
"James River Bus!"
"JRB, Hooah!"
by Blaster1 November 28, 2011
A sarcastic song made by ABK in 2003, featured Violent J from the Insane Clown Posse reffering to Juggalos as a gang. However like all their songs, Violent J's description wasn't a direct one. J.R.B. was made too give Juggalos a little extra "Swagger" in their step, or another name too rep. Also this is around the time when "G-Unit" was getting big, a lot believe it was to make fun of G-Unit. All in all the song was made too make fun of people who think Juggalos are a gang. No REAL Juggalo goes out and acts like a gangbanger. I stress the word REAL Juggalo.
Any Juggalo is said too rep J.R.B., but no one takes it seriously, because it isn't a serious thing. Just another way too get your jug-swagger on and show some family love! WOOP WOOP!

To the person above. Maybe some of that is true. But I myself have been in college, never slapped a girl, do own a nice Nissan, and can speak and type quite fluently. I know Juggalos who work in New York on Good Money Construction, I know Juggalos who are dentists, and I know Juggalos who are also druggie potheads who have no good vision in life. So take your hater shit some place else. I'm sorry you have too deal with the narrsistic part of the Family.
by Jesse Kaabe August 24, 2009
Jason Robert Brown, often called JRB for short, the contemporary musical theatre composer. He is famous for Broadway/Off-Broadway shows such as 13, Parade, The Last Five Years, and Songs for A New World, among others.
Person 1: Who wrote "The Last Five Years"? I LOVE the music!
Person 2: JRB!
by Jamie101 April 29, 2013
a group of white teenagers from west scranton that call themsleves a gang. how to spot one:
1. red or black t-shirt that goes down to the knees.
2. black, red, or tan dickies shorts that hit at the ankle, falling off of ass.
3. hatchetman necklace
4. love to listen to icp
5. like runnin trains, slappin bitches
6. ride bikes and skateboards, dont have cars
7. try to be gangsta but hate black people
8. red or black bandanas
9. smoke weed, pop zanies, sniff coke
10. slurred speech
11. often seen with fat, white girls that love to drink and get gangbanged
12. they worship kids that kill themselves in nuthouses
13. they like to punch cops
hey that kid wears that same red t-shirt everyday. thats because hes in the jrb
by carmelina September 26, 2006
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