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the best part of scranton. the home of tippy! and Novembrino Swim Complex formerly Da Oxy
hey wheres the party at? west scranton of course!
by carmelina September 26, 2006
a hairstyle that emo kids usually wear. long hair over the face to cover their "tears" and short and spiky in the back. it is opposite of a regular mullet, which is long in the back and short in the front, hence the name reverse mullet.
those kids are dark hippes-they have reverse mullets.
by carmelina September 23, 2006
the act of watching two people have sex in the same room that u are in.
"aw man, the other night billy and jenny were fuckin on my couch and i was too lazy to leave so i just pulled a squirmy on them."
by carmelina September 23, 2006
a word we use to make fun of goths, emo, etc.
that kid wears black all the time. thats cuz hes a dark hippie
by carmelina September 23, 2006
a group of white teenagers from west scranton that call themsleves a gang. how to spot one:
1. red or black t-shirt that goes down to the knees.
2. black, red, or tan dickies shorts that hit at the ankle, falling off of ass.
3. hatchetman necklace
4. love to listen to icp
5. like runnin trains, slappin bitches
6. ride bikes and skateboards, dont have cars
7. try to be gangsta but hate black people
8. red or black bandanas
9. smoke weed, pop zanies, sniff coke
10. slurred speech
11. often seen with fat, white girls that love to drink and get gangbanged
12. they worship kids that kill themselves in nuthouses
13. they like to punch cops
hey that kid wears that same red t-shirt everyday. thats because hes in the jrb
by carmelina September 26, 2006
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