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John P. Crapper, the man rumored to have invented the modern day toilet.
I'm gonna go sit on the JPC for a while, and try and push one out.
by mattyc04 May 03, 2011
Somethings guys don't do unless they're dead inside.
She is great, probably the only girl I can wrap my horrible atrophied body around and not feel the need to take it any further than JPC. JPC, just platonic cuddle.
by Media.Burn.Victim November 11, 2012
a skate team from various parts of and around delaware ohio.

most known for skating the gnar or nigh unskatable spots.

some team member include James,Paul and Zeth.

"Dude these guys from d-town just left the park and they destroyed the bowl, the handrail, and that gnar gar across town."

response- "I bet it was those JPCS motherfuckers."
by Zeth Titus February 28, 2008
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