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All the guys want to be him, all the ladies want to be with him. Smart, confident, charming, he'll even take your mom out for dinner. If you meet a Zeth, you will NEVER forget it.
He's no Zeth, but i'll probably end up sleeping with him anyway.
by Elise Roark April 24, 2011
(1) A sometimes annoying person who makes you feel like a child. A guy who makes you feel dumb because he acts like he knows everything. If you're friends with him, then great! He's an awesome friend. But if you date him then you're screwed with challenges and annoying texts everyday. Also a guy who is always all over you, trying to kiss you and breathe down your neck.
(2) A guy who will make a great friend. Loves to play video games.
Zeth came over again today, it was really awkward.
by CourtIsANort June 13, 2011
A piece of shit that you cannot remove from your asshole or another crevice on or around your body; However, finally leaves with you thinking it won't come back but, subsequently, returns again within a calendar year.
"Yesterday, that zeth came back around, I saw it peaking around the shadows."

"I finally got rid of that zeth!"
"No, no you did not."
by Olim S July 10, 2008
the watcher, the crab, the God's nightmare.
I am, the person that it meaning
by Zeth August 02, 2004
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