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a woman with a very sexy, juicy,bodonkadonk ass
i dono shes hot
by jon jones December 09, 2003
175 102
a booty that's in good shape.
Her Jlo is like "whoa!"
by Iron Pimp December 10, 2003
156 93
Wouldn't last 5 minutes on the 'block'. A spoilt snobby diva!!
"Oh i'm Jlo I grew up in the bronx I was so poor "WHATEVER!!!
by i dunno? February 09, 2005
170 116
nickname for Jennifer Lopez, a no-talent hack
J-Lo's ass is very overrated. Shakira's ass is WAY hotter!
by Silky Smooth December 02, 2003
165 117
A fat plain Latina woman who through extensive publicity and lots of makeup has weaseled her way into popular culture.
A phony who pretends she is of the people
J.Lo is a ho!
by god July 18, 2003
181 139
"street name" for latino songstress and actress jennifer lopez. but dont be confused by the rocks that she got shes still jenny from the block. in other words a fuckin talentless slag with nice tits and a big ass who talks latino style through her nose when it suits her. the rest of the time shes throwing vases or tantrums at her asslicks and demanding the hotel she staying at be uprooted and turned. also known for suckin off a crap record producer whos so not! street, sean piff diddly wank. and for blowin the worlds crapest actor mr im so wooden im like pinnochio, "ben affleck" who in turn makes keanu reeves look like a trained RADA actor.
see that crack ho, shes so j lo blowin for crack and apple crumble
by da original playa May 28, 2006
74 39
a bitch that thinks she can sing
jlo: dont be fooled by the rocks that i got.

Ben dilks: who stood on a cats tail
by Neen March 11, 2004
142 112