Doing the JLO is an act where you deliver a peace sign extended from your body, down and away, with the palm facing out, a way to show your ultra cool status. Also-usually accompanied with a smirk.
Steve gave the JLO while looking fresh when approaching some fine females at a high class club.
by Hulk23 November 12, 2011
Cannot sing or act worth shit, but DAMN she's HOT!!!!
J Lo is one fine ass woman!!!!
by Fuckitall July 10, 2006
a women who can not sing. a women he sleeps around countless of times.
by neffer July 24, 2003
nice big ass
your mom has a j.lo
by Anonymous June 03, 2003
a woman who's staggering up on husbands in order to compete with elizabeth taylor
by Anonymous August 02, 2003
Big, fat, beautiful, flawless ass.
Damn, that girl got a J.Lo
by BB July 25, 2003
1. a small-breated latina woman with a superfat ass

2. Anaconda's pale-skin actress with a flat face who turns to be too-tanned with new remodeled nose and eyes

3. an actress who can't act

4. a singer who can't sing
by you don't belong here August 02, 2003

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