I dont really know JJ and I know that I may never get the chance to meet him but i think that he is a great basketball player and i am trying to learn his shot.
And as for all these guys that say JJ is gay....i think that they just wish they were him
by Tiffany April 06, 2004
See overrated Notice everyone here saying he is good is a girl and knows nothing at all about college basketball, not to say women dont know sports but all they are saying is hes hot and the best in college basketball when thats not true at all. Look at Bogut on Utah. There are 3 players on UNC that are better than him. All he can do is shoot threes. I have respect for him as an athlete but he needs to improve his inside game and many other things if he is going to dominate in the nba.
JJ Reddick is a good threepoint shooter, and thats about it.
by benb1523 April 20, 2005
J.J. Redick is the hottest thing to hit Duke in YEARS!!! The only reason why people hate him is because he is white, can drain 3's in EVERYONE'S face and because he is TOTALLY hot!! And the girls love him so of course everyone is jealous and of course he has a HOT body!! Plus he plays for Duke--so everything is PERFECTin J.J.'s world!! :)
Awesome shooter, wonderful guy, HOT and SEXY, really nice guy, best basketball player ever!!
by Crystal March 29, 2004
the hottest thing going; best basketball player in the country
People who make fun of JJ Redick are flaming ass holes who are only jelous
by Becky W April 05, 2004
JJ Redick is the greatest college basketball player in the nation. See also jesus.
God himself is the only person that could ever shoot the three-ball like JJ Redick.
by imrickjamesbitch March 19, 2004
JJ is an AWESOME basketball player and a total HOTTIE!!! He has a HOT body!! He is the best basketball player there ever was and back to the HOTTIE part!! He never did pot...people just are jealous that he can play ball and that he is gorgeous...I love you JJ!!!
JJ is the best bball player ever!!
by Leanne April 04, 2004
A great basketball player; great foul shooter, outside shooter, passes well, good at EVERYTHING in basketball!! Also VERY good looking!!!!!
97% Free tHrow shooter
by Meredith March 17, 2004
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