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4 definitions by benb1523

The way George W. Bush pronounces Nuclear; makes many people angry
They have nuculer weapons.
by benb1523 April 25, 2005
110 27
an oxymoron all republicans are stupid
there is no such thing as a smart republican
by benb1523 April 25, 2005
129 119
See overrated Notice everyone here saying he is good is a girl and knows nothing at all about college basketball, not to say women dont know sports but all they are saying is hes hot and the best in college basketball when thats not true at all. Look at Bogut on Utah. There are 3 players on UNC that are better than him. All he can do is shoot threes. I have respect for him as an athlete but he needs to improve his inside game and many other things if he is going to dominate in the nba.
JJ Reddick is a good threepoint shooter, and thats about it.
by benb1523 April 20, 2005
85 75
He is very talented as a rapper and producer though i feel there are better rappers that are rookies just like he is. The Game is also a great rapper. Kanye west does not talk much about drugs and sex. Many people like his song jesus walks but there are much better songs on his album.
Yo man have you heard Two words featuring Mos Def by kanye west. That shit is hot.
by benb1523 April 24, 2005
15 56