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A kick ass party school located in Northwest Ohio. Home of the Falcons, BGSU has recently become a good football program. Plus, they have lots of hot chicks, but make sure you wear a rubber.
"I got laid in BG last night."
"Who didn't?!"
by hexum January 19, 2005
An amazing party that consists of horse racing, gambling, beer drinking, and tit showing. One of the best parties in the country.
"Damn man, I won $500 at the Kentucky Derby this year and saw at least 80 sets of tits!"
by hexum July 13, 2005
The school to attend if you want to receive a college degree while taking classes such as "AIDS Awareness" and "Basket Weaving". The university has also been known to hand out free money to its football and basketball players, which is highly against the NCAA rules. Just ask Maurice Clarrett and Troy Smith.
School Booster: Hey Maurice, want me to buy you a new car since you can't afford one with all your college tuition?
Maurice Clarrett: Sure dawg, but don't tell Coach Tressell.
by hexum January 19, 2005
An untalented guard on the Duke basketball team that can only shoot 3 pointers. He fails miserably when driving and tends to fall down after nearly every shot he takes.
Guy 1: You know who is really good at basketball?
Guy 2: Well it's not JJ Redick.
by Hexum March 01, 2005
An asshole who's only basketball talent is shooting the three pointer. He is easily compared to the likes of Mark Price and Rex Chapman.
"Look at JJ Redick. He has 'DICK' in his last name, AND he sucks at basketball."
by hexum January 19, 2005
The school to attend if you enjoy providing various pleasures to underage girls living near you.
Guy 1: Hey, remember that Marcus Vick guy?
Guy 2: Ohh yeah, the one who hung out with 14 year old girls while he was in college?
Guy 1: Yeah, he was cool.
by Hexum March 01, 2005
Home of the number one rated amusement park in the entire world, Cedar Point. Also home to the disgusting Buckeyes team that pays its college athletes to compete and then tries to hide when it gets in trouble. Ohio does have some hot, farm bred girls though. Cheers to Ohio.
"I met a chick from Ohio at Cedar Point and she gave me a hummer on the Gemini."
by hexum January 19, 2005
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