jizzing in a girls eye from across the rooms
I stood across the room and jj redicked right in her eye.
by jtater January 26, 2010
See overrated and either gay,fag,or homo. Incredibly overrated and gay basketball player that played for a highly overrated college basketball team named Duke. He was a rape victim of the Duke lacrosse team but didnt report it because he enjoyed it. Is also known for being involved in many threesomes with Dicky V and Coach K.
Who's the gay looking player on the Magic that sits on the bench all the time?

Oh yeah thats JJ Redick
by The Great King April 14, 2009
An overrated basektball player from Duke who shot 4-14 in their loss to Michigan State in the 2005 NCAA tourney. Last year, in Duke's tourney loss to U Conn (where he choked on the last shot), he shot 4-12. The year before, in Duke's tournament loss to Kansas, he shot 2-16. So in easily the three biggest games of J.J. Redick's career, he's shot 10-42 from the field. 23.8%

Clearly, he's one of the best shooters in basketball history.
A: You know who sucks at basketball?
B: J.J. Redick, and not only does he suck, he likes to pick his nose.
by Tyler April 25, 2005
J.J. redick is a great basketball player and everyone who post bad posts saying that j.j. is the worst shooter and Sucks in basketball.Well first of all he is a MUCH better basketball player than ALOT of u guys ever will. And u guys are just JEAULOUS!! not only is a good player he has a HOT body and a GREAT attitude..AND DOESN'T SMOKE POT!
J.J. is a much better player thatn ANY of u!!!!
by jjlover4 March 13, 2005
NOT at all a big time shooter. Can't beat Maryland. His skills are similar to his poetry. Both are awful. Duke's not our rival. Duke only wants to be rivals with teams they can beat. Since they can't beat us, we aren't their rivals either. JJ can shoot threes. However, JJ can't play defense, dribble, or do much of anything else. Except write poetry.
JJ Redick shot 5 for 19 from the field and cannot play well against Maryland.
by GO TERPS! February 16, 2005
An untalented guard on the Duke basketball team that can only shoot 3 pointers. He fails miserably when driving and tends to fall down after nearly every shot he takes.
Guy 1: You know who is really good at basketball?
Guy 2: Well it's not JJ Redick.
by Hexum March 01, 2005
JJ is the quintessential basketball player of all time! I saw him at the Final Four and it was so exquisite that I had no words for it! I hope to meet him one day and hopefully he will give me a few pointers on shooting, etc. I can't wait to go to college with him, because he is an idol. JJ's future is very promising and bright. He will succeed in life not only through his basketball talent, but also through his intelligence! Undoubtedly, he is the man to be, and meet!
Jesus was a very smart and talented man! Even though JJ will never be Jesus, he has the same wholesome qualities! Look for me, Andie, to be an important part in JJ's future success and fun!(Oh, and Andie is a girl's name)
by Andie_JJ's_quintessence April 11, 2004

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