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JINGGA is a ninja thats actually black
"Yo get dat jingga back ova here"
by xXDioresweetXx August 28, 2004
Anus or Vagina. Used in an Aussie saying when someone does a really smelly fart.
"Smells like you've got a dead rat shoved up ya Jinga!"
by tazzaaa October 28, 2014
The big toe, usually shoved up somebody's anus.
That dude over there, he takes jingas up his ass erryday. pingas anus insertion sex arse booty
by UncleTurd420 November 07, 2015
A person greatly amused by Cedar Trees, Will take every chance given to take pictures and show great affection towards.
Wow Jinga really loves Cedars.
by PwnYou March 12, 2009
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