Jewish American Princess (a stuck up, bratty, or spoiled jewish girl)

note: ONLY SOME Jewish girls are like this, not all. Also, some non-jewish people may be referred to as JAPS because of their attitude. People call others JAPS because of their clothing-JAP is INCLUDING the snobbish part.
That girl is so stuck up-shes a J.A.P.

Look at that J.A.P., she's so full of herself
by Name not given October 07, 2005
Jewish American Princess

Often from the Long Island area, but can be found in places in New Jersey (Livingston, Short Hills, Tenafly, etc) and Boca Raton. They like to wear brand-names such as juicy couture, hardtail, solow, burberry, lacoste, rebecca beeson, ugg, michael stars, c&c, prada, etc.

Normally of a higher intelligence then most, however some can be blithering idiots.

Spend their summers at very expensive, jappy sleep-a-way camps where they feel the need to act like sluts and make other jappy friends.

Even though they may not act it, they are all sluts at heart and secretly dream about things guys would do to them. They may seem prude; but they're really not.
"Let's go to Bloomies.. I need a new juicy tube!"

"OMG I am soo not a JAP!"

"My outfit only consists of Juicy, Junkfood, and SoLow! It so is not jappy!"

"Can't wait 'til camp!"

"OMG! Why is our town so prude?"
by geena February 23, 2005
"Jewish American Princess"

-a rich, snobby, jewish girl.

-They wear different types of clothes then "preps". They wear A&F, Solow`s, Hard Tail, Prada, Kate Spade, Armani, Uggs, Juicy Couture, etc.

-They wear lots of make-up to make themselves look pretty.

-They give head to every guy they see who is in their Jappy group.

-They`re pants are low revealing a Victoria`s Secret thong.

-They`re shirts are too high but then the JAP will make it even higher by tying it up with a hair band and then trying to hide that they did such a thing by putting it under the shirt, creating a huge bump that looks similar to a hump on their backs.

-They`re of higher intelligence then preps. They are usually in Honors.

-They deny being a jap.

-Have no talents whatsoever.
"Oh my goddd!! I'm not a jap!!"

"I hate japs"

"Mary Jane is such a jap"

"I wear jappy clothes, but I'm not a jap!!"
by cheerleaderrr January 25, 2004
Jewish American Princess
Usually fromt eh Northeast and like the majority of the children of Jews, her parents are well off. There is no way in the world she would be seen without her new "Loui" bag even if she was wearing sweatpants. Usually drives a Bimer or other like cars.
by Summer April 01, 2004
Stands for Jewish American Princess. Pretty much any Jewish girl at Upper Dublin High School
a jewish girl from upper dublin is a JAP
by guitarmann December 06, 2009
Offensive word towards the Japanese; often used towards Japanese-Americans, Otherwise ethnically Japanese
"fuckin Jap" quote from the movie BROTHER directed by BEAT TAKESHI
by RED HuRaiZon June 27, 2003
Jewish American Princess; An upper class Jewish woman whose sole purpose is to acquire designer clothing
That J.A.P. talked to me about Gucci bags for 2 and a half hours.
by metaphorge June 15, 2003

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