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It's not a trend. It's sort of like an icon.
Where'd you get your sweatshirt?

Free City.

I want one too! Let's go shopping tomorrow.

Sorry man. It's sold out here. My friend got it in Malibu for me!
#ron herman #life nature love #malibu #artists wanted #neighborhood
by la siesta del martes January 20, 2008
A brand started by former Ron Herman buyer, Nina Garduno. The Free city supershop is at the Country Mart in Malibu and is often seen on trendy people from Malibu to Beverly hills and some posers on the show "Newport harbor". The clothing can be bought online at and is also carried at Fred Segal and Ron herman boutiques
"Your all Free City'd out"

"My jacket cost $190.00"

"Omg those are the sweats I saw on Nicole Richie last week!"
#life nature love #neighborhood #artists wanted #art alive #ron herman #fred segal
by Pepmalibugrl December 30, 2008
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