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Jewish American Princess(prince)

Refers to someone who is snoby, rudy, self absorbed. Does not have to be jewish.
She was being such a J.A.P. when she took back the 5000 ring her parents gave her.
by ColdFire October 25, 2006
1. When you at a club or party setting and you start talking to a girl. Buy her drinks, talk her up, put in the time. And after you think you've got this one. Her girlfriend walks over and she walks away.
2. When shes got a 5'oclock shadow(not on her face) and you come up with a slit redness that wasn't there before.
(straight girls may know this from kissing men who haven't shaved in a couple days)
"hey where did that girl go you where just talking to"
"she left"
"with who"
"her girlfriend"
"o man you got carpet burned"
------------------------ -------------------------
"Hey sarah were you out in the cun today"
"no, my girlfriend lost her ravor"
by ColdFire October 25, 2006

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