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1 definition by mycheese12

the definition of a J.A.P is a Jewish American Princess or Prince. They usually are girls. They wear the nicest cloths usually are a daddy's girl or inherit a lot of money. go to most expensive school. can be very smart but usually idiots.most go to sleepover camp (mostly Camp White Pine and Manitou)
Cloths they would wear- Juicy, free city, American Apparal, Free People, Aritzia, T.N.A, Canada Goose etc.

Shoes- Havianas, Converse, Tom's, Ugg, Moccasins, Hunters etc.

bags- Pink, Coach, Louis viton, Prada etc.

J.A.P #1 "did you see her shoes?...YUCK"

J.A.P #2 "ya i know!...wanna go shopping tommorow?"

J.A.P #1 "ya sure i love shopping!"
by mycheese12 October 15, 2011