A Jode is someone (male) who suddenly begins acting like a young middle school girl. It could spontaneously happen at any given moment, to any given male. Jodes often reveal their true colors at social gatherings when faced with the opposite sex, or when someone accuses them of something (out of fun). Jodes always deny the fact that they are quite sassy, often acting out towards the accuser.

Jode=Chode=The guy in the group that everyone "shits on"
Guy 1) 'Ha, Stephen that girl said you have a millimeter peter'

Guy 2) "Whatever Brad, your moms a whore, I fucked your girlfriend and your shoes are gay. Oh and my dog died, so that means I could only sport like a half chub and your shirt is fugly. Also your feet smell like a feltched asshole and ..."

Guy 1) "Woah there brah, no need to be such a Jode"
by sass master October 17, 2013
a circumcised chode, (chode being a penis wider than it is long)
hey ya know jesus, well he had a jode!
by no mr bond i expect you to die February 17, 2010
A penis that is wider than it is long.
"Ewww that guy has a jode!"
by Kickyi May 17, 2007
someone who has a chode, who is called joe. therefore, they are a jode (a combination of the word joe and chode)

(a jode is not a penis wider than it is long, thats a chode, idiot)
Jode leyand

"hey look, its jode"
by Gormlad December 16, 2007
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