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Iraqistan – Military slang term for the Middle East. Combines Iraq with the suffix of –istan which applies to 90% of the Muslim countries in the Middle East and central Asia i.e. Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, stan stan stan stan etc.
“Shit, the CO says that we’re having a special briefing at 1730 today at the battalion conference room. Probably going to be another pre deployment briefing.”
“Where are we going this time?”
“Shit, you pick it. Iraq, Kuwait ….....hell I don’t know somewhere in freaking Iraqistan”
“Ughh, the middle east is such a shit hole.”
by Trav February 10, 2005
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Sand and brown people on top our oil. Tard Ferguson bombed 100,000+ Oilraqis to death out of fear and ignorance.
People that think governments invade countries out love and concern are criminally retarded. Iraqistan was invaded to for oil, lucrative contracts, and Israeli pressure.
by frick1 March 28, 2010
The secret alliance between iraq and afghanistan to bring a fallout of sand and destruction to france
Iraqistan will someday get you french buggers.
by Silent-Angel March 22, 2003
A group of people made of mainly Iraqis and Afghanistans. They have the cunning terroism of Afghans and the opressive domminance of the Iraqis.
"A Pretzel was an Iraqistan"
by John March 22, 2003

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