The 52nd State of AMerica, Annexed 2 years after Afghanistan.
by Brother Number One June 28, 2003
a country in the middle east that is currently being occupied by... yes you got it, america. where ever america is there will never be peace.
iraq would properly have the potential to be a developed and rich country if the americans were to stop taking iraq's oil.
by Dert August 21, 2005
The scene for the invasion on Iraq after the September 11,2001 attacks which left 3,000 innocents killed. American soldiers rushed to Iraq in response to the terrorist attacks. Before soldiers were first deployed the CIA was sent to Afghanistan to gather allies whom were fighting against the onslaught of the Taliban and Al Qaeda in a mission titled 'Operation Jaw Breaker' followed shortly after by 'Operation Urgent Fury.'

Iraq was invaded with the support from NATO,the UK, and before this conflict, Iraq was also involved in the Gulf War, in which Saddam Hussein sought out its oil enriched neighbor, Kuwait, invading it. The UN then authorized military action on the country. The US led an international coalition to Iraq and shortly crushed Saddams forces.
During the recent invasion of Iraq by America and other international coalition forces, President George W. Bush stated that Iraq was holding Weapons of Mass Destruction, and had come to realize this by documents provided by the CIA and government of the United Kingdom.

After the invasion and the US troop surge, violence began to decline in the summer of 2007, and on June 29,2009 US forces withdrew from the city streets, due to a pact created under George W. Bush. This pact states that US troops will be off the streets by June 30, 2009, and that US forces will be out of Iraq by December 31, 2011. June 30th is celebrated as National Sovereignty Day.
The country of Iraq is located in the Middle East, and is the subject of the US led international coalition against the Global War on Terror.
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by LolRickAstley April 29, 2010
A) A country in the middle east, which claims Mesopotamian heritage, namely, Sumerian. It has become a spotlight for media attention because of George W. Bush's decision to invade Iraq to try to either gain access to the oil supply or to stop Saddam from using WMDs and training terrorists. choose your version of the story.

B) The name of my fucking pipe.
A) Man, Iraq is fucked after George Bush attacked it.

B) We just smoked out of Iraq
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by SaddamFromIraq October 20, 2007
If anybody after years of fighting abroad thus building the most formidable military-industrial complex and army in the world, selling weapons for trillions of dollars, bringing down governments of foreign countries by covert operations and placing his lackeys in their stead, after careful planning demolishes three buildings in his financial capital two of them some of the highest in the world, using two planes serving as a cause and visual effects, obstructs the investigation covering up hudreds of evidences and only by this very fact making himself a criminal and then points at your country's idiotic and ignorant leadership even though he wheeled and dealed for years with your country's godless, criminal leadership making profits for millions of dollars, falsely accuse them of being the perpetrator of the demolition, breaking the international law and invading that country, lying the ignorant public through media control about the presence of WMD (even if there were such it wouldn't make a point either) then saying that there weren't such weapons anyway (so fucking what!?...) and makes that country flat by bombs and devastation, occupying your country and its natural resources, instigating a civil war by supporting various political factions based on previous, traditional differences, puts political puppets in power and kills all your family and the families of your friends all of them hardworking, good, pious, caring people by shattering their bodies to hundreds of bloody, scorched pieces then stages concerts in his country in his support with many people waving flags of his country, singing and dancing and feeling strong and thinking how great he, they, their cause and their country are and then dares to tell you that the deaths of your family and the deaths of the families of your friends are just an inevitable "collateral damage" in the name of "freedom", that the lives of these human beings - mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, aunts, grandfathers, grandmothers that you loved and care for all your life are just a "collateral damage" and thus he's setting you free from bondage and awarding medals of honour to beautiful, strong, healthy, brave and indoctrinated young and not so young men, whose parents are hardworking, good, pious, caring people, some of them posthumously, killed by some of those unwilling to be freed (how ignorant and irrational human beings can be...) I guess you will immediately enlist to serve the agenda and noble cause of the totally different culturally invader in order to fight for your country's "freedom" and to save your already dead family friends and relatives from being oppressed physically and psychologically and call your compatriots who don't (God knows why...) like this noble cause - "terrorists and collaborators with the enemy" and liquidate their families and friends giving them a chance before this to reflect deeply on their condition and choose the right side and cause expecting that they will gladly accept the honour of being saviours of their own country and people, giving a citical and unbiased thought on this matter.
And I will also guess that you have to be one of those bright, extremely inteligent, freedom-loving, proud americans, who constitute a big portion of the U.S. , who support the War On Terror and keep an eye on the domestic and world affairs and always know when and where an injustice is being done and never watch mind-numbing, spirit-crushing tv game shows, stuffing junk food into their mouths.
I also guess that you must be one of those proud and really spiritually integrated and again very inteligent americans, who are perplexed, flabbergasted, dumbfounded and probably puzzled and mystified by the irrational, insane and unreasonable phenomenon of not being liked and even hated by the overwhelming majority of the people of the world, who for this reason most likely are just outright racists or are just jealous of your science and technology achievements this being based on their primitive level of thinking about the mechanism of the social progress and poor understanding of the economic and political life and all of this probably a result of some inferiority-complex of theirs or just of their not knowing the great formula of success that democracy means freedom and vice versa.

God bless America!
The book "Dune" by Frank Herbert was written in the early 1960s. The book is dedicated to: "Those whose actions differ from the realm of ideas to the kingdom of solid reality. To the ecologists of the desert plains, whoever they may be, in each generation, to them I dedicate this experiment in predicting the future with humility and admiration".

At the writing of this book, the two main superpowers of the world were the U.S.S.R and the U.S.A. Frank Herbert focused on the future. The book is full of Muslim terms. The hero of the book is called the "Mahdi"- the Muslim Messiah.

An interesting similarity to the present time (2004)
The defeated Caesar is called "Shaddam". The world in which the battle takes place is called "Arrakis". The battle is for the control of the "Spice m'lange". Now just change the name "Shaddam" to "Saddam", "Arrakis" to "Iraq" and the "Spice M'lange" to "oil".
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by Rich Bone September 07, 2009
A country that borders Turkey.
"Iraq is a country that borders Turkey"
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by RoundenBrown December 25, 2008
Another country recently added to the Bush-Blair Empire, other countries include, the USA, UK and Afganistan. The country was originally invaded because of 'weopons of mass destruction' which only exict in our Misanthropic leaders minds, the mind of George 'Dubya' Bush, and Tony Blair.
Dubya: Gee do you think we should invade Iran or the Sudan next? hmmm...
Tony: i dont know, but as long as the poeple hate us for it its ok.
by HoboTim February 26, 2005
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