A new product from Apple, it is a sports bra that has a iPod holder so that women so longer have to strap it to their arm.
"You want to go jogging today?"
"Sure, just let me change into my iRaq."
by Assassin Phone Inc. June 13, 2008
Correctly:- al Iraq (pronounced al 'Iraaq' - not 'aye-rack'). Formerly a metropolitan jewel of the Middle East with vast natural resources and ancient heritage, Saddam Hussein's ambition, ethnic cleansing and megalomania collapsed the economy, largely due to wars with Iran, Kuwait, and subsequently most of the western world. Not the battleground for the free world, or the subject of a humanitarian regime change, more a former quasi-ally that grew to be a pain in the arse. Also proof that democracy doesn't work too well in a Middle-Eastern country with border drawn by westerners with a ruler and a sense of humour.
Iraq was ok in the 60's, but in the 80's it got quite shitty; we just helped to make it a bit shittier and quite a lot emptier.
by Gahwachee July 27, 2010
May refer to anything that is in a messy, unstable or screwed-up state. It is most often used to convey personal feelings pertaining to situations such as hangovers.
I feel like iraq after having drunk all that scotch last night. Or, you look like iraq, what did you get up to last night?
by mcnuts April 11, 2005
A sinkhole for American money.
George W Bush put all of America's money into a sinkhole in the middle east called Iraq.
by KillJoi99 March 10, 2009
The scapegoat for brainwashed, indoctrinated Bush-ites. See above for example.
Eye-rack is the home of all the terrorists! - Bushite.
by JLog July 30, 2005
Was the Best Country in the world, before the Americans came in
Iraq Before War= PEACE
Iraq when Americans Come In= DEATH, VIOLENCE
by Zeyad March 11, 2008
The 52nd State of AMerica, Annexed 2 years after Afghanistan.
by Brother Number One June 28, 2003

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