A country that, when we weren't at war with them, we wanted to be, and then when we were at war with them, we wished we weren't.
"Iran! Iraq! Who cares!" - Saddam Hussein, South Park.
by Joseph Gurney September 26, 2005
The looted, chaotic remnants of what was the cradle of civilization, whose priceless historical treasure we failed to protect while protecting the oil ministry with over 200 men. Also known as Texas Junior and the Oil pit. Nobody could doubt that we would crush the hell out of their third-world army, but what for? Where are the weapons of mass destruction?
Elliot: Hey, Jeff, did you hear about Iraq?

Jeff: I heard from the media that we liberated those benevolent peeps who we had always cared for from their evil, Democrat liberal pink-assed commie Heusein, who had WMD pointed right at the U.S., ready to launch on his... 120 mile range... missiles... shut up.
by Richie T. May 24, 2003
Vietnam without water.

"Nation" where the U.S. "National" Guard serves.
"Maaan, i signed up for the National Guard to help keep it cool in the US of A, but instead . . . Well, you know where they sent me."
by dana eyde February 14, 2005
Nation ran by an American-trained dictator. Saddam was useful for a while, but now he's becoming a thorn in Bush's side, so it's time to kill him in the name of a "war on terror"
Also the proving grounds of American military incompetence; look at how many have been killed/wounded from friendly fire.

Believe it or not Americans, but it's also one of the cradles of civilisation.
"The war is not about oil, it's about trying to run someone else's country."
by Brewdles April 01, 2003


Synonym for "to fuck up very badly."
"I Iraq'd this shit up!"

"I Iraq'd my paper and now I have to repeat the 9th grade... again."
by DJ Gorilla December 03, 2006
Site of a future glass parking lot
by Anonymous August 13, 2003
Americas Sandbox.
I am going to Iraq to play with my M-16.
by irishrapist February 06, 2009
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