1. a place where towelheads/ragheads launch rocket propelled grenades(RPGS) and detonate roadside bombs (IEDs) at US soldiers while they fight a war for people who don't want us there in the first place.

2. the believed "haven of terrorism and anti-american beliefs", while 'none of the other 20-some countries in the middle-east have anything to do with it'.

3. the 52nd state of the United States of America, right after Afghanistan.

4. a lost cause.
President Bush: Ya'll, we have enfermation that the eeerackers are working with the afghaners and the kazakstaners to launch WoMDs at Americaaaaaa. Bomb the eeeraners wile we're at it!

Democrats & Republicans: What about education, healthcare, the economy, values & beliefs of the iraqi people, and social security?

President Bush: -squints into distance-
Fuck it son, we're goin' to war yyeeeehaaw!
by Yoolikka Mydikka May 12, 2008
The butt hole of the earth.

Giant garbage collection dump.

Land of doodoo sludge fields and flies

Source of bickering for American politicians.

Place to drain the life out of soldiers and cause 60% divorce rate due to multiple deployments.
" Damn bro, your fart smells like Iraq"

" This stinky dump looks like Iraq"

" I went to Iraq and it sucked really bad."

by yesir2000 April 12, 2009
Former province of Mesopotamia.
"Whatever happened to Mesopotamia?"
"I believe the Americans turned it into iraq"
by richard May 21, 2003
not a fucking third world country. people there are more well-off than a good number of americans, in terms of wealth. go there and see for yourself
man that anisah, she lives in iraq. and her house is so fucking huge.
by pika January 18, 2005
A place where soldiers are fighting hard to liberate and give its freedom. A place where alot of Americans think we shouldnt be, and soldiers think the same. It is their duty to be there. A place where the president sent us, not because of oil or money, But because he would rather be fighting there instead of in the U.S. If you are against us being there, are you against us having to fight here? becuase if we pull out thats whats going to happen.
Im a soldier fighting for Iraq's freedom. I am in Iraq.
by SandboxSoldier August 22, 2008
1: A worthless patch of sand in the middle east region of planet earth. Inhabited by cattle, some of whom who wander around aimlessly until they find something to blow up. Other inhabitants wander around for their whole lives wondering why their lives suck. The Americans tried to liberate the Iraqi people from a cruel dictator, but the natives just stood around afterward screaming
"lelelelelelelele" and blowing things up, others just stood around wondering where "Pappy Saddam" went and why their lives suck.

2. A word that can ignite a liberal into a violent rage where he/she screams wildly "injustice, oil, rednecks" and various other terms

3. A hotbed of terrorist activity and unrest.

4. A military staging ground for the future confrontation with Iran.

5. A roach trap where the American military is a proxy for the citizens of America, diverting terrorist' attention away from plotting distruction in America.
1.Iraqi citizen: "durka durka...ooh bomb"....kaaboom!, "Saddam is an evil dictator....oh you desroyed his regime? I hate you filthy American! lelelelelele" Kaaabooom!

by Theghostfire March 07, 2008
A country which is now going to have capitalistic methods introduced into it's economy, it is now a free state.

10 years from now it will be one of the richests countries in the middle east. Saddam needed to be removed, even the Iraqis thought so.

You'd support the war on Iraq if you lived there under Saddam Hussein.
Saddam was a twat... he really was...
by Poopoomoomoo March 06, 2005
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