all the fuckers who are insulting the good people of iran:
fuck off.
1) iran is not ARABIAN, it is persian.
2) do not call us "terrorists"; we are people with rich culture and beautiful land.

3) At least mention the government when insulting iran; there are good people, but the radical religion in the country is making fuckers like you turn against the hardworking people of iran.
4) don't even start trying to insult what we look like. We are a beautiful race. Maybe you americans should look in a mirror. I mean honestly, your people are approximately four hundred pounds.

I am offended and insulted by the trash that you put up about persians and iran. You should be ashamed of yourselves.
don't hate on what you don't know! *iran
by defender! January 20, 2010
On behalf of all Americans I wish to apologize for the 1953 coup d'état of Mohammad Mossadeq and replacing his fairly elected administration with the hated Shah that ruled with an iron fist because Mossadeq simply nationalized his nation's oil.
If the 1953 Iran coup never happened, Iran wouldn't be a mess.
by david smith, jr. May 10, 2008
"Number one exporter of terrorists beside Pakistan."

First of all, just based on English, a country can't "export" people, namely terrorists. A country can deport people, or outsource people, but not "export" since that word describes shipping ITEMS. That being said...

Lol. ABSOLUTELY WRONG. I would like anyone, anyone at all, name an Iranian person who directly carried out a terrorist attack? Hmm...either the response would "I don't know any" or "Yeah, that blah blah Arab guy"...of course forgetting that IRANIANS ARE NOT ARAB!!!!!!!!! Also, it's surprising, that despite 9/11th, the person doesn't seem to mention Saudi Arabians, which constituted a majority of the hijackers. Hmm...Maybe that's because the Bush Administration, who basically grovel at the royal Saudis feet (look at the gas prices if you need proof ;)), have completely misinformed the stupid that Saudis are friends and that Iran is the enemy. This is laughable because the Saudis have a monarchy (which Americans ironically fought against in the Revolutionary War, remember?), compared to Iran, which has a semi-representative government. Of course, the big difference hinges the fact that Iran doesn’t supply oil to the U.S, whereas Saudi Arabia does. So, if you want to be a Saudi puppet like the president, then by all means support the quote.

Furthermore, just as a little known fact, Iran has captured the most Al-Qaeida agents than any other country in the world, even including the US :D. Take that sucka. So perhaps, the U.S. people when they vote for someone who is tough on terrorism and gets the job done, should elect Iranian government officials instead of people like Bush...just as a thought.

"Iran is one of the biggest exporter of oil and gas but they say they need atomic energy! Isn’t it funny?"

What a bunch of croc. Iran, despite being a huge exporter of oil, has an inadequate refining capacity and huge amount of oil demand internally. This is due to the country's energy needs, both automotive and industrial, growing at an alarming rate. Therefore, in order to export as much oil as possible, these internal needs can't be siphoned off to Iranians with huge subsides. How? Through plans initiated by the government which will head initiatives for automobiles to run on compressed natural gas, which is less in-demand than oil, and yes, by using nuclear power to generate electricity. Make sense? And while the cost of internally supplying nuclear fuel is huge and not economical, Iranians has learned all to well that foreigners can't be trusted in sensitive matters, such as the oil nationalization crisis in 1953, which brought in the repressive Shah. So, if for example, Iran decides to receive foreign nuclear fuel and not produce it, and then the foreign nuclear fuel abruptly stops being delivered. That would mean a huge part of the power grid would go out permanently until Iran could find another way to supply electricity. That could take an order of a year to do, which would not be good for any country. Still makes sense? Add to the fact that oil WILL eventually run out, the nuclear option is tantalizing.

Notice that this doesn't disprove that Iran may want nuclear arms as well, merely that generating nuclear power is a wise decision and good on it's own.
How my definition of Iran is far better than the one I quoted simply because I ACTUALLY KNOW SOMETHING!!!! In other words, be smart an don't do drugs :)!
by cyrus III September 02, 2005
First of all, I'm Iranian. Secondly, take into consideration that Iran has been CORRUPTED by religion. When the Shah was in control, it was much better, and you all know it. It's blatant that when Khomeini (Bless his soul) came into control, Iran went downhill, and is still on that downfall. Hopefully the government will change.
Let's fly to Iran, and enjoy the supressed economy!
by sootie July 29, 2005
Once a prosporos land and home of the earliest Aryan tribes who later migrated to europe. Has been a hot bed for math, science, astronomy, architecture, philosopy, poetery, medicine and business as long as the Greeks. In-fact, Greeks and Persians shared wealth, territories and army's.

Currently ruled by a puppet regime and a scapegoat for America's huge deficit and loses on the oil market due to the sorry state of the U.S. dollar.
Iran is the second largest exporter of oil in the world and thus has a huge impact on the world market and the U.S. economy.
Iran means 'land of the Aryans' in its ancient indo european language.
by Hurrley May 03, 2006
A once great nation, crippled by Islam and its backward ape-like belief system. Controlled by a complete cunt of a dictator, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who I can only assume is in league with satan. Given the chance I'd shoot him in the face myself.
Iran ruled by a cunt - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
by mockofoil March 26, 2007
A country that once ruled the world before Arab invaded.
A None-Arabic country. Just because they are muslim, they shouldn't be consider as Arabs. Their language, culture, costumes and attitudes are different. It has just been influenced but isn't changed totally. They speak Farsi (Parsi) and their manner is nothing like Arabs.
Viva Persia ... Viva Iran!!!
by Persia August 23, 2006

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