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to resourcefully and technologically fight non-violently against a violently oppressive force on a massive, coordinated scale, especially when used against a dictator, authoritarian regime, or even a significant other.
Social: "John's has been cheating on you! It's ok tho, cuz all of us camera phoned him in the club hookin up with that Herpes girl. His std-risk ass is toast once we youtube it and he can't get anymore play! We're gonna Iran his ass!"

Academic: "My high school principal is threatening to suspend everyone until we all apologize for calling him a dictator. I'm tweeting the whole school to walk out of all classes at 2pm. Prepare to get 'Iraned,' bitch."

Political: "Hugo Chavez has jailed my uncle for the last motherf***ing time! Make a facebook event so we can Iran it on campus Saturday!"
by Iraning-it July 25, 2009

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