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A once great nation, crippled by Islam and its backward ape-like belief system. Controlled by a complete cunt of a dictator, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who I can only assume is in league with satan. Given the chance I'd shoot him in the face myself.
Iran ruled by a cunt - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
by mockofoil March 26, 2007

Serious Organised Crime Agency. Has been referred to by the UK media as Britains FBI. It is sponsored by the home office. But claims to opperate independently from the government. Soca officers can be given the powers of a police constable, customs officer or an immigration officer. The agency, its officers and operations are exempt from the freedom of information act in order to protect national security. Soca will also operate outside of the United Kingdom covertly. The National Hi-Tech Crimes Unit is now a division of Soca which previously operated independently. Soca's aims are to target drug trafficking, organised immmigration crime, private sector fraud and any other organised crime. The agency budget for 06/07 was stated publicly as £416m.
Pete - what the f*ck is soca?
Andy - Isn't that what the yanks call footie?
Pete - No, you twad, thats Soccer.
Andy - Oh right, so what the f*ck does soca mean?
Dave - Soca, Serious organised crime agency. I applied for a job last week, cunts turned me down.
by mockofoil May 18, 2007

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