A state in the U.S. that would be average except for one thing: Slipknot.
Iowa would be boring if not for Slipknot.
Indian for "The Hole"
Welcome to Iowa, the hole in the middle of the United States.
by PunkArs March 20, 2008
Idiots Out Wandering Around
Dude, that's a total IOWA'n there.
by Signe Newman July 10, 2008
Booring. Don't compare us to New York. We're the last to get anything. People think we're "quaint" like a traffic jam to us is 10 cars behind a tractor rolling down the highway! Dude...ok, I'm from Iowa...and *I* think that's pathetic!!! THAT'S WHY I LEFT!!!
To the people who made coments 3 & 4...thanks for showing what fine MORONS come out of Iowa.
by NeoMatrixJR October 14, 2006
The Cornfield of No Return, where children CAN run away and not starve, because they can live on bacon and corn. But they're just going to get raped by all the sex offenders, anyway.
Bob: I'm so sick of life. I'm going to kill myself.
Fred: How're you going to do it?
Bob: I'm going to go to Iowa and die of boredom.
by Katie #42 February 28, 2006
An early U.S. experiment in criminal reform and psychological treatment. In the 1800's, eastern U.S. states sent their most deranged and mentally incompetent criminals to a remote land reserve, later known as Iowa. Treatment officials tried various behavioral-modification techniques to reform and rehabilitate the deranged lunatics. Sadly, the program worked to no avail. Eventually, rampant inbreeding and subsequent off-the-charts retardation took over the population. Officials decided that the best course of action was to isolate the Iowans (Sioux for "criminally insane") from the rest of the U.S. population. Accordingly, the officials established social engineering programs and propaganda to trick the Iowans into believing that their state has relevance in order to keep them from leaving the state and polluting other, more hospitable U.S. states.
Do good in school, or you'll end up in Iowa.
by I-L-L December 04, 2006
So boring, you will see 2 things most of the time you are there: corn, and nevermind just corn
I had to go to Iowa, wow I was so bored.
by alilhappything April 26, 2006

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