Iowa, a place where when an out of stater comes to go to school, but for some reason noticed taht most of the "locals" always seems to be some half retarded wigger like douche that think they are special because they were born in Iowa and have never left. But really their just a retarded redneck and also always an ignorant loser as well, that have never been on a plane.
thank you and fuck you.
Iowa guy: "Ya mudding wwwoooooooooo!!!!! coors light!! party but only gay freinds of mine that lick my balls around so." Now im all drunk and fucked up and gonna act like a loser fuck moron cowboy wigger thing..
Another iowa fag: My dad owns a camaro so suck my dick DUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Another one: im a fat fat fat fat fat fat fat fuck who just got fucking ripped off on a faggity 10 year old peice of shit mercury fat fuck machine!!!! ugly as piss nothing even at all nice about it, but you just went out and bought it like a fat pig retard even though a nice wrx is the same price and just as easy to obatin.

me: it's terribly cold here and i hav'nt hooked up with any good looking chicks. im moving to ANY other state asap :(
by 4554545454674674675474747 March 21, 2012
home to inbreds, unintelligent people, ugly fat girls, and crack heads.
On the flipside, they provide me entertainment with their dramatic lives.
I was once engaged to a boy from Iowa...he left me for his 13 year old cousin.
by suckonthat994 October 27, 2011
Iowa stands for : Idiots Out Wandering Around

Known for their horrible driving skills.
person 1-Look at that person! They're driving on the shoulder!

person 2-Oh they must be from Iowa.
by The girl in the woods May 01, 2011
Acronym for idiots out wandering around. Also known as the stupid state.
IOWA is the stupidest state ever.
by LongRodVonHugenDong#1 April 26, 2011
Idiots Out Walking Around
IOWA, Irum Is Out Walking Around
by custodial engineer May 10, 2010
A place where stupid pieces of shit come from. A state that the retards hate so they move to Texas. A place thats Texans HATE. A place where the inbred pieces of shit need to stay!
retards-"This place is so awesome but I want to go to Texas to ruin lives"

Texan- "FUCK IOWA!!!!!"
by texan360 November 25, 2010
Owe the
World an
"We're the center of the universe," cried the city slicker wannabe from Des Moines to the bumpkin from Ottumwa. After ranting on for half an hour, the bumpkin punched the city slicker in the face. Afterwards, the city slicker muttered "IOWA--I owe the world an apology for my bragging."
by Braniff June 11, 2009

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