A state that is a major breadbasket of the United States, with lots of farming and agriculture (even though "farming" and "agriculture" are the same). Also home of the greatest band ever: SLIPKNOT!!! Stay (sic) Maggots!
Slipknot is an American heavy metal band from Des Moines, Iowa.
by MetalHead16 August 25, 2010
The State of Iowa: where our newly elected Governor made his first legislative priority raising the tax on cigarettes by about 278%. Studies indicate that people with low income are twice as likely to smoke than others. A few days later, he signed a bill into law capping car title loan interest at 21% and said that companies who had charged low income folks 300% interest were predators, preying on vulnerable Iowans.
I stay in Iowa mostly because of the weather, I love those two nice months every year.
by Field Mouse March 28, 2007
A state that claims to be #1 in education, and even says so on the state quarter despite being completely average at best. According to the American Human Development Project (measureofamerica.org), Iowa is:

3rd in high school graduation rate
23rd in 4th Grade National Assessment of Educational Progress in Reading
28th in 8th Grade National Assessment of Educational Progress in Math
29th in High School grads enrolling for college
36th in obtaining Bachelor's Degrees
42nd in obtaining Graduate or Professional Degrees
26th in the cost of a 4 year degree
27th in overall education index

The top 5 are Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey and New Hampshire.
Iowa is #1 in education. It says so on the quarter.
by jdawgtriplev August 01, 2011
The state you live in because you were born there.
I live in Sioux City, Iowa.

Why? There are a lot of better places you could live.

I was born there.
by Cjohn9 February 22, 2011
Since everything closes at 4 in Iowa, there is nothing to do in this ghostly state. People's idea of fun in this state is: drinking, cow tipping, possum kicking, flannel friday, tractor racing and counting how much corn they have in their backyard. Therefore, Iowa stands for:

I.O.W.A= Idiots Out Wandering Around
When you see 3 people walking around aimlessly, just remember they live in Iowa and people that live in I.O.W.A are idiots out wandering around.
by bbuc20 January 13, 2012
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