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A type a music that is good and often stereotyped as for only hicks, rednecks, farmers, etc. This stereotype isn't true. Most songs are played with an acoustic guitar. Most major players in the genre are solo, not in a group.
Girl: Hey put on some country.
Boy: I am not a hick.
Girl: It's over. I hate you.
by alilhappything January 08, 2006
Something a lot of people buy without realizing that it is free everywhere else.
Newsflash! WATER IS FREE! but you can waste your money on bottled water if you want to look really sharp
by alilhappything June 27, 2006
N. One who thinks they are hard or tough. These people talk about how hard they are and in reality they aren't as hard. This is a negative word or a diss.
Hardass: I left class one minute early!
Me: Wow you are a hardass!
Me Thinking: I'm gonna beat this kid up.
by alilhappything January 11, 2006
A phrase meaning "Just Do It"
Steve: "I think she wants me to kiss her."
Brandon: "Nike that shit."
Steve: "Good idea."
by alilhappything June 23, 2006
A word used to replace any word. It can mean anything and it is usually a code word for something you don't want to say aloud.
Me: Hey you got those traisins? (beers)
Friend: No I just got done traisining. (wackin it)
by alilhappything January 08, 2006
1. People who are really annoying and always seem to think that they want you to hear there views. On every topic. All the time. They are very serious about their politics but don't realize that nobody cares about their horribly mundane lives going to conventions and wearing political t-shirts.
Random Liberals: George Bush is a criminal.
Me: I dont really like him but shut the fuck up anyways.
Random Liberals: Lets give more money to the poor and impeach the President.
Me: *stabs them and walks away*......just killed some more liberals.
by alilhappything January 11, 2006
So boring, you will see 2 things most of the time you are there: corn, and nevermind just corn
I had to go to Iowa, wow I was so bored.
by alilhappything April 26, 2006

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