A state, properly named for the fact that it is just Idiots Out Wandering Around.

it is also the home of Slipknot, some more IOWA.
Everyone in IOWA is an Idiot Out Wandering Around
by Tucker Barrett March 22, 2008
The Cornfield of No Return, where children CAN run away and not starve, because they can live on bacon and corn. But they're just going to get raped by all the sex offenders, anyway.
Bob: I'm so sick of life. I'm going to kill myself.
Fred: How're you going to do it?
Bob: I'm going to go to Iowa and die of boredom.
by Katie #42 February 28, 2006
A midwestern state south of Minnesota
which stands for:
I - Idiots
O - Out
W - Wondering
A - Around
Iowa stands for Idiots out walking around.
Pretty self-explanatory
by JFuller November 22, 2007
A very homosexual state. Home to the worst drivers to ever bless the great nation of the United States of America.
Hank: What happened on your drive back from Missouri?
Kevin: I got caught in Iowa and one of their 50 gay pride parades on my 25 mile journey back home. Almost got into 8 car accidents as well.
by iamnotgay July 10, 2008
One of the crappiest states in all of the US. Many people from Iowa are farmers, or their career somehow relates to agriculture. Quite possibly the New Jersey of the Midwest, (although to say that is an insult to Jersey)while Minnesota is like New York (cos we've got Minneapolis, bitch!).
I hate Iowa. Half of the people are idiots. Plus it smells like cows there. Cows and pigs.
by goddess of grammar March 12, 2007
One of the fifty nifty united states which absolutely blows except for the University of Iowa, which is the coolest, most awesome, hottest girl containing, university in the US! Home of the Hawkeyes and rated in the top 5 for party schools. Also famous for football tailgating and coining FAC.
Iowa would be shit if it weren't for the University of Iowa.
by Herky September 26, 2005
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