State in the midwest, mostly farmland, but has a fantastic balance of rural, suberban, and highly populated areas. It is named after the Soux indian name meaning land between 2 rivers(missouri, Mississippi). Produces more corn and pork than any other state, and is not home to a bunch of hicks. in fact Iowa has the highest % of leteracy in the United states. statisticly its largest city, Des Moines, is in a perfect location for trade because it lies on interstate 35 and interstate 80, 2 of the buisiest highways in the US. however, because of Chicago's close proximity there isnt quite as many large factorys as there should be. Iowa is a beautiful state with hilly reigons in the east and hundreds of rivers and streams. The people are known for being friendly, usually hard working, and down to earth.

***to readers in the Northeast and california specificly***
No, just because someone lives in Iowa does not mean that they live on a farm. enough said. and another thing, stop mistaking Iowa for Idaho and Ohio. yes, they do sound the same but seriously, get it right its not that hard
1:Hey, where are you from?
1:Isn't that where the potatoes grow?
2:No ,thats Idaho
1:So what are you a farmer?
2No, i live in Des Moines
1:Oh, how many people live there, 15,000?
by El Fiestador December 22, 2010
What the hell is this
I - Idiots

O - Out

W - Wondering

A - Around
We're the smartest state in the U.S!
For Christ's sake, stop your bitching about our "terrible driving" and go to New York, give me a review about their shitty driving.

God damn, Iowa has some of the nicest people, and there isn't corn EVERY WHERE.
To be honest, there isn't even as much corn as you think there would be, there are more cities than corn.

Plus, if you hate Iowa then promise me you'll never eat corn and or barilla noodles again.
So, all you more suberban suburban states can suck it because Iowa is the shit!
Person 1: Dude, you live in Iowa?! You might as well just live in a corn field. HAH, are you a farmer?!
Person 2: No, actually i'm a physicist for Iowa State University, one of the best colleges in the world.

Person 2: No.. it was a mansion in the suburbs of Des Moines
Person 1: GO EAT CORN! :(

Person 2: Okay, I will. And I'll rub it in your face cause Iowans have some DAMN FINE CORN!
by Angry Iowan. <__<' October 16, 2011
A state full of beauty and 3 million of the nicest people in the universe. Also a pioneer in education, with the Iowa Test of Basic Skills and ACT being based in Iowa City. Is home to a ton of natural beauty: Ledgers State Park near Boone, the Des Moines, Missouri, and Mississippi Rivers, as well as numerous forests and woods. Tends to be judged by people who have never visited it.
Iowan: How do you do good sir? Would you like some ice cream from the largest ice cream factory in the world, which just so happens to be in LeMars, Iowa?
Unenlightened one: GO FUCK YOUR SISTER.
by notafarmer February 19, 2011
An ok place to live...ITS NOT ALL CORN!!!!! And Davenport has construction on the streets 24-7!!!
Hell the Used came to Davenport Iowa!... and it was awesome!!!
by HPIU October 03, 2009
A state, just like any other. It has idiots, stuck up snobs, bad drivers, and nice people. Don't be fooled by the corn when you are flying over. We have a lot of large cities, and a lot of farms. We happen to have had Ashton Kutcher, and Elijah Woods. That's about it. If you were born in Iowa, you will probably stay here, unless you're lucky.
Non-Iowan: How many pigs do you have?
Iowan: Zero, I actually don't live anywhere near a farm.
Non-Iowan: Lol, do you even have a tv?
Iowan: Yes, I do. I have an iphone too. Do you have a brain?
Non-Iowan: LOL. A what?
by Thatonegirlidk July 05, 2013
I want to get out of here. Nothing but corn, farming, etc. No theme parks. No museums. No beaches. No mountains. Nothing. I have nothing to do. Summer's are humid as hell, winters are cold as hell. Avoid this shit hole of a state, I'll get out as soon as I can.
Person 1: Iowa doesn't have any corn, and it's full of things to do, beautiful landscapes, and cities!

Me: stop lying to make our state look good.
by guacamolesong1121 June 06, 2016
Okay, I have to disagree with most of the definitions here. I've lived in Iowa most of my life and it might not be the 'worst' state but it pretty much is all about farming (and maybe insurance if you live in Des Moines, whopee!)

Seriously, most of the people on here defending the state sound like they're reading right out of a travel brochure.

The good news is crime is low, traffic is low, the state universities are ranked relatively high, pollution is low (except for the chemical runoff from the corn and bean fields.)

Speaking of corn and beans, that really what most of the state is. No mountains, few hills or forests, just corn and beans and dirty little ponds and streams. Lots of hog confinements, too, which you'll smell from miles away.

Most people are polite but really not very engaging. Most Iowans kind of live off in their own little bubble and don't really care about politics or current events. In fact I would say the vast majority of adults here don't read, period.

Some of the 'cities' are ok, (I particularly like Iowa City and Dubuque), but nothing spectacular.

The weather is horrible, hot humid summers with lots of mosquitoes, awful winters.

Maybe not the 'worst' state of the union, but definitely not the best and it's gotta be high in the running for 'most boring.' Of course if you're from NYC or LA and are looking for a change of pace, you'll find it here, for better or worse.
"I can't believe all the crap people talk about Iowa, it's really an amazing state with lots of opportunities and beautiful landscapes and some of the best people in the world and--"

"--dude, have you even been out of the state?"
by Nword Ricky November 23, 2012
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